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Chris is a talented personality. He mixes music, he designs awesome flyers, he is a friend. Loved this 2h podcast, so decided to share.


Daily Inspiration #2: LandLand

Landland is a very small graphic design & illustration studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota that was started by Dan Black, Matt Zaun & Jessica Seamans in early 2007.

They had all been making things for quite a while before that, but with day jobs and bands and things, their design work and screenprinting fun had mostly been relegated to “hobby” status. By Summer of 2007, however, they had actually quit their jobs (for the most part) and moved out of the various basements and living rooms they were working in and into a real studio, followed by building a giant loft and walls and a massive light table which doubled as a printing table, and learning how to install sinks and lights and all of that. A few months later, in the beginning of November, right as the Landland Construction Phase was ending and they were finally starting to get to work on actual projects, Matt passed away in his sleep. Now it’s just Dan & Jes (and occasionally a handful of super-helpful friends).

Visit their website for further information


Daily Inspiration #1

Whoa! This is the very first daily Inspiration post. Thrilled? So am I. Jared Muralt’s Illustrations are more than majestic. He was born in 1982 in Bern, Switzerland. Though he attended art school for one year in Bern, Muralt is primarily self-taught, and he developed his precision and skill through the careful study of books as diverse as those pertaining to anatomy, art history and comics. Muralt is also co-founder of BlackYard studio, a Swiss illustration and graphic design agency that was honored with Bern’s Advancement Award for Design in 2009.

Visit his personal Website here:

Utopia Magazine4

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George Valmas

George Valma’s work is equally inspirational and motivative. Every creation starts with an experimentation and it always ends in a rhythmic result. It is very clear that the main ingredient of the design procedure is the artist’s urge to satisfy the inner child we all had or still struggling to keep. After all, this is what creating is all about, isn’t it.

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Back Online!

It took quite some time to rearrange my personal website. Family comes first! Hopefully i will be able to keep this thing updated. Let’s see what the future holds!

In the meantime, listen to this: